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Origin of a cuisine can only understood if you try to understand the culture and how the flavors are influenced by it. I promise, I will try my level best to feature traditional cuisine and recipes across the length and breadth of India. Basic rule, I will only attempt only If i have tasted and understood them.

Stingray with Sandy’s Sambal

Some of the finest catches from this coast are often not valued and stingray is one of them. Where I hail from, Stingray is considered a protein for the poor who cannot afford other catches and in fact it is served as the main curry among the fishermen-women community weddings. They make this in a […]

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Grilled baby Octopus, Longan, Pickled Radish, Parsley Oil

Sometimes you get stark comments when you post a photo. This could be one of them ☺. If you look at it carefully, you have many reasons to drool. I am not looking for a majority, but a majority of those who can understand that such great catch can be a treat. If you are used […]

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Jar of pickled Amla, Raw Mango and green chillies

Anything you can do to bring back good memories, you must do smile emoticon . I still remember those days when I was in the 6th grade, studying in my native place, Mahe, I used to wait for the summers to come by (unlike now wink emoticon ). You will find all the roadside carts with a big jar […]

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