Esca Brahma is all about culinary creation! It’s about being immersed completely into creating a unique experience tailored to the notes of varied pallets. The marriage of the physical with the emotional and mental experiences: to merge and blend them into a singular entity that is delicious and divine.

Esca Brahma is a channel, which allows me to express myself in ways I can’t otherwise. For me it means that I can unite my wonderful passion with the good school of life – where I learn how to open-up, not just to other people, but also to myself. While cooking, I try to preserve the beauty of each ingredient in my own unique style. Each new creation is my personal treasure, because I lock a lot of my emotions in every one of them, be it a traditional recipe from the God’s Own Country or the Olive Zuppa from Tuscany.

Thanks to cooking, I found peace, freedom and unlocked a fascinating universe which complements perfectly with all the travel I do (Ooops….by the way I am a Management Consultant by profession worked in South Africa, USA, Europe and Middle East) and never stopped learning new things. – my culinary artistic journey is very exciting and rewarding and hopefully it will never end. Being simple and sensitive to each unique note of flavor and aroma of the ingredients and the final outcome. It’s about respect!

It’s about culture and sensitivity. Ultimately it is about the joy of seeing a new born

Welcome to Esca Brahma, a platform willing to share, and take you to world of creating private gourmet experience.