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Grilled baby Octopus, Longan, Pickled Radish, Parsley Oil

Sometimes you get stark comments when you post a photo. This could be one of them ☺. If you look at it carefully, you have many reasons to drool. I am not looking for a majority, but a majority of those who can understand that such great catch can be a treat. If you are used […]

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Grilled Scampi, Corriander-Chilli-Garlic Butter, White Wine

Scampi is not easily found in Bombay, and even if you find they are usually not very fresh or in short supply. My recent travel to Bangladesh and Bangkok, I gorged on one of the best catches and always wondered, if I could lay my hands on in India. The other day I went to […]

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Jar of pickled Amla, Raw Mango and green chillies

Anything you can do to bring back good memories, you must do smile emoticon . I still remember those days when I was in the 6th grade, studying in my native place, Mahe, I used to wait for the summers to come by (unlike now wink emoticon ). You will find all the roadside carts with a big jar […]

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