See what I found today! I am sure, for some, they might say, what’s is this fish all about! Well, this is called as Tokali in Marati, Kola Meen or Koyila in Malayalam and world over it is called as Garfish. One doesn’t have to worry about the name as you can see clearly from the pic how it looks. In India, this is usually not sought after, but it just comes in the net while fishing and it is sold or sometimes given away free, while in countries like Australia, it is served as a delicacy at a premium.

The very fact that it is a very agile and fast fish, the meat is very lean, firm, and flaky and has a fabulous mild flavor. If you want to draw a parallel, it tastes quite similar to Kane (Lady Fish), for which you will pay 10 times than the Garfish in our local markets. Because of the fact that Garfish is not really a popular fish in India, you will always find it extremely fresh in the market as it comes from the local fishing boats/nets and also the fact that it is not really sought after as a catch, but just gets trapped in to the nets while fishing for other fish such as mackerels. The only thing is, this fish is quite bony and definitely not for the faint hearted, but for the real fish lovers who has to patience to rumble through the bones and earn that delicious meat. Some people don’t eat this because it has got a green tint on the bones. Only thing I can tell you is, this is perfectly fine and it is not toxic and I am not going to explain the scientific reason or the chemical composition behind that as we aren’t going to eat the bones any ways. But trust me, it is a real treat and I am going to make and post my recipe and the technique to make this fish. The day I start a restaurant, you will find this fish reaching your table with a premium tag

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