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Tuna Fish Cutlets/Cakes with Curry-Ketchup Mayonnaise

A good Fish Cake/Fish Cutlet should be light, flaky, moist and simple. I focus more on the construction part than too much about complicating flavors as you know fish is the hero of the dish and needs very few ingredients to accentuate it. While the tuna you get in the southern coast of India (it […]

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See what I found today! I am sure, for some, they might say, what’s is this fish all about! Well, this is called as Tokali in Marati, Kola Meen or Koyila in Malayalam and world over it is called as Garfish. One doesn’t have to worry about the name as you can see clearly from […]

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Mixed seafood

Who doesn’t like a spicy, tangy and flavorful freshness of the sea? Well, with that in mind and a heavy rain in the backdrop, I wanted something that can rejuvenate my taste buds as well as bring freshness to my blog followers on this rainy day. Mind is a beautiful thing, it can just travel […]

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