Archive | June, 2014

Rawas Confit with crispy sage

“Confit” is a technique one must have up their sleeves, if you are really interested in cooking. Simply put, it means cooking various kinds of food in oil. In this recipe, I will focus on making an easy fish confit. Usually fish confit has a very strong flavor of fish especially if it done with […]

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Tuna Mousse with Beetroot Puree

Does this look exotic? Well, then read on and see how simple is to get this plated. Wow your friends and families with this easy to make Tuna Mousse. This can be served as a pate or can be used in sandwiches. You might be wondering, why use beetroot puree with this. Two reasons, the […]

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Squid Ceviche avec Mango pesto

Squid, raw mango and mustard, and if you manage to marry these together in harmony you will have a winner dish. That’s what I tried to do, keeping the squid simple and focus more on how its cooked and accompanied with a simple mango pesto. This will serve as a great palate cleanser or Amouse-Bouche […]

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