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Dosadillas with sour cream and salsa

“Dosadillas”:: If ever, may be in another 1 million years, and if Southern Indian platelet drift to Mexico, this would be a popular breakfast ☺ . Sorry Erikito, Udito and Jackito, I do love Quesadillas smile emoticon It is funny that since the time I started researching and experimenting on my “Spice Route” project, I discovered so many […]

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Coriander Crusted Halloumi with Caramalized Cherry Tomatoes

Coriander Crusted Halloumi with Caramalized Cherry Tomatoes.. This one is from a series called “Spice Routes”, a concept I am currently developing. The recipe, now you can watch it on YouTube yaaaaaahoooooo smile emoticon .. Here is the link… . Please LIKE it , ONLY if you really do smile emoticon ..

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