Stuffed chicken ballotine

Stuffed chicken ballotine is my favorite when I think of being healthy. It also gives one a zillion ideas of what to stuff it with. This time I wanted a combination of spinach, strawberries (since its in the season) and feta! You think this combination can go wrong,? Try this and trust me, you will get more ideas for Xmas. . Its easy, tasty and impressive when plated.

1 chicken breast
50 grams spinach
25 grams Feta cheese
2 tablespoon cream
3 large strawberries
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
Small pinch nutmeg
Black Pepper for seasoning

Poached Chicken Ballotine

When there are thousands of videos that can teach you how to make a ballotine, then why should I make another one? . So her we go don’t bother about the language please . Stuff the chicken with feta and strawberries and season the inside with pepper, salt, garlic powder and onion powder and poach it for 20 mins as shown in the video in chicken stock.

Spinach Sauce

Blanch the spinach for 2 mins in boiling water and then drain it in to cold water. Squeeze the water out and then add it in a blender with cream, nutmeg, black pepper and salt to taste.

While serving crumble a little feta and sprinkle over the chicken and also serve it with fresh strawberries

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