Archive | December, 2013

Squid in a curry

I feel a sense of accomplishment when my squid gets cooked to perfection. This traditional way of cooking any seafood is quite common in North Kerala and this is my Mom’s recipe. As you will see, this recipe requires one to knead the masala with their hand. So the reverberance of your heart, positive aura […]

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Stuffed chicken ballotine

Stuffed chicken ballotine is my favorite when I think of being healthy. It also gives one a zillion ideas of what to stuff it with. This time I wanted a combination of spinach, strawberries (since its in the season) and feta! You think this combination can go wrong,? Try this and trust me, you will […]

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Chicken Kebab with Chilli Hummus

Chillies when used right can accentuate flavors to a different level. If it takes two to Tango, then this kebab and the chilli hummus combination will are in perfect harmony ☺ . The recipe was inspired from my last trip to Dubai while flipping through the Wafi Gourmet Menu. Though it has always been on my mind […]

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