Here are the tips to make a healthy bake (Casserole)! 
– Don’t count calories and make huge sacrifices on flavors, but use the ingredients smartly and be happy about it. 
– Try different herbs and spices than just the cream and cheese dominate your palette 
– Use as much drier ingredients as possible, for ex use onion powder instead of onions, dried garlic instead of garlic etc. The fact is they leave out water while baking and that makes your sauce watery and you feel there is not enough white sauce  
– Choose good quality cheeses which in fact is 30% more healthy and nutritional in value that any of the processed cheddar. Well that would put a hole in your pocket, but less chances of no hole in your heart and no extra inch on your belly in the long run wink emoticon
– The idea is to enjoy every bit, savor it and not to over eat, a trick you will only get to master over time.

Have seen menus, which differentiates one bake dish to another by a few calories, but if you really want a good bake it should contain the right amount of cheese and the white sauce and all the other ingredients that go with it without compromising on the flavors. Some eat for the cheese, but I think we should all eat for the flavors. Having said that, here is something you may want to try. If you are disappointed then let me know, and if you are happy let me know too. wink emoticon
400 grams cauliflower florets blanched and drained
3-4 long big green chillies chopped big (Poblano Chilli) or any which gives strong flavors and not the heat. 
3 tablespoon of green peas
1 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves
2 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder
25 grams grated Emmenthal
25 grams grated Swiss cheese
salt and pepper to taste

White sauce
25 grams butter
1 tablespoon flour
250 ml milk

In a pan add butter and let it melt over medium heat. Take it out from the heat and mix in the flour with a whisk and get it to a creamy consistency and then add milk at room temp and whisk it thoroughly and get the pan back on the heat at low heat until the sauce gets to nice and thick consistency whisking it regularly and keep it aside.

3 table spoon Gruyere & emmental grated (you can use more, but this would be just right)

Mix together all the ingredients cauliflower to salt and pepper in a bowl. Add the white sauce and mix it all together and transfer it to the baking casserole. Sprinkle the gruyere and emmental evenly on top and then bake it in an oven pre heated at 250 degree centigrade for 15 mins or until the cheese on top becomes golden brown.

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