This simple recipe elevates broccoli’s character to another level. With its slightly crisp and moist texture and the Parmesan crumbling in your mouth with every bite, it is worth a try and hope you all will enjoy this crusted broccoli garden 
10 florets cut from the broccoli
Zucchini rings cut in to ½ inch thickness and center removed 
200ml white wine
200ml water
2 tablespoon sugar
6-8 basil leaves
2 cloves garlic sliced very thin
3 tablespoon grated Parmesan
2 tablespoon flaked almonds toasted
2 tablespoon truffle oil
Black pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Bring white sine, water, sugar and basil leaves to boil and take it out from the heat. Add the broccoli in it and let it stay for 10 mins and after that add lots of ice to cool it down instantly. Drain the broccoli and keep it aside.

Crumble the roasted almonds and add with parmesan. Place the florets on the zucchini rings and sprinkle Parmesan and roasted almonds generously on top of the florets. In a pre heated oven, 220 degrees, bake the florets for 10 mins or until the parmesan is lightly golden. Serve it with drizzling truffle oil on top and some salt and pepper to taste.

This has to be eaten without the zucchini. The Zuchini is to ensure the florets are kept moist, upright while baking and since its got mild flavor it doesn’t mix with the other flavors.

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