Chicken seared in bacon fat

Chicken seared in bacon fat is classic and can never go wrong in terms of taste. When I caught hold of this bottle of crisp Alberino, (Spanish wine. You can use any white wine) I decided to give it a twist. This particular recipe accommodates a wider palette and I recommend you try this smile emoticon

2 chicken breasts cut into slices (1/4 inch)
I tablespoon olive oil
200 grams of bacon with fat
100 grams of thinly cut Spanish chorizo ( I leave the spice level to you as I used a medium spiced one)
1 sprig of fresh thyme
1 cup of crisp white wine

In a heavy bottomed pan, add 1 tablespoon olive oil over high heat and then add the bacon. Let it become crisp and the fat separates. Then add the sliced chorizo and cook it with the bacon until it becomes crisp. Take the bacon and chorizo out and the sediments leaving behind the bacon fat in the pan. Over high heat add the thyme and cut chicken breast and sear it until the chicken becomes brown as shown in the picture and then take the chicken out onto a serving plate. Remove the thyme from the pan and deglaze the pan over high heat with 1 cup of white wine. When the wine reduces to ¼ pour it over the chicken and garnish with crispy bacon and chorizo.

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