Sirloin Stir Fry with Snowpeas, Asparagus, Bok choy Stems and Shitake

Stir-fries are the best way to get the right protein, carbs and fiber, so I will be posting different versions from Chinese to French (though its called ‘Sauteed’) as I just love them. Though it sounds easy, its very important that one understand each ingredient, the way it cooks, the sequence in which the ingredients are added and speed, all put together forms the technique. Once you get the hang of it, you will never drive past a vegetable market without buying something wink emoticon

** Sirloin Stir Fry with Snowpeas, Asparagus, Bok choy Stems and Shitake

200 grams of Sirloin cut thin across the grain
50 grams Snowpeas
3 tablespoon Shitake mushroom sliced
1 bunch of Bok Choy cut of the leaves
8-10 Asparagus
5 cloves of garlic crushed
2 green chillies deseded and cut in to thin slices
1 ½ tablespoon light soya
¼ cut meat stock

For marinade
4 tablespoon of dark soya
1 teaspoon corn flour
1 teaspoon egg white

Mix all the above ingredients and marinade the meat with it for 30 mins


Take a heavy bottomed pan or a Chinese wok and stir fry the Sirloin in 2 tablespoon of Cannola oil for 2 mins over high heat and set side. In the same pan, add shitake mushrooms stir fry from 2 mins and keep aside with the stir fried beef. Add another 2 table spoon of oil, add garlic and green chillies and in 10 secs add snowpeas, after 15 secs add asparagus and after 10 secs add bok choy stirring continuously over high flame. After 10 more secs, add the stirfried Sirloin and the shitake back to the pan, add light soya, meat stock and stir it for another 10 secs until the stock amost evaporates and serve.

** Some things to keep in mind
a. Never try a stir fry until you have invested in a heavy bottomed pan, especially one involves meat and seafood
b. Invest in a good sharp kitchen knife, because cutting the meat/fish in to thin slices requires that
c. Make sure all the vegetables are cut to equal sizes so that they cook evenly
d. Add vegetables in the sequence the way you want them to be cooked and which vegetable taste you may want the stir fry to dominate

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