Tom Yum Goong

When you see a clear Tom Yum Goong (Prawn Tom Yum) you wonder what it would be like, before you take the first sip. And when the flavor and aromas burst through your senses at the first sip, you know its Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong

8-18 prawns with tails and deveined

1000 ml water
2 inch galangal
8-10 Kafir lime leaves
6-8 Thai red chilli slit
8 inch (1 inch piece X 8) of coriander roots
2 inch X 4, white stock of Lemon grass bruised with a knife
2 table spoon fish sauce
Salt to taste
Heads of the prawns above cleaned with salt and water

For garnish

Freshly chopped galangal
kafir lime leaves
Chopped lemon grass
Chopped Thai redchilli
Coriander leaves
Lime juice

In a deep pot add water, ingredients up to the head of prawns and boil for 15 mins. Pass it through the sieve to separate the clear broth. Add clear broth in to the pan and bring it back boil, add the prawns and switch the heat off and let it rest for 3-4 mins. In a soup bowl add couple of pieces of galangal, I spring of coriander leaf, few slivers of chopped Thai red chilly, few pieces of lemon grass chopped, 2-3 kafir lime leaves and pour the soup in it. Add the prawns and squeeze 1 teaspoon of lime (you an add more depending on the taste) and serve hot.

Categories: Travel Cuisine


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