Steak Au Poivre – Pepper Steak

The pepper steak at Den Anker restaurant in Cape Town Waterfront always lingered in my mind. Wanted to try but didn’t know whether they used both beer and cognac in their sauce. My very special Hennessy be better used right so here it is..
Steak Au Poivre – Pepper Steak

4 cuts from tenderloin – 1 inch thick
2 teaspoon freshly ground coarse black pepper
4 table spoon of Hennessey Special Cognac
1/2 cup cream
¼ cup Beef stock (you can use cubes too to make the stock)
2 teaspoon parsley
1 tablespoon onion

Season the steaks with salt on both sides and with a kitchen towel pat it dry. Place the iron skillet over high heat, grill the steak 3 mins each side. Take it out and sprinkle fresh ground pepper and cover it with an aluminum foil and let it rest.

For the sauce:

Saute onions till translucent and stir in the Cognac. Once the Cognac is almost evaporated add the beef stock and bring it to boil and then add in the cream and bring it to boil and consistency. Add black pepper and parsley and the sauce is ready.

Place the steak over mash potatoes (will post the recipe later), and pour in the sauce over the steak and serve.

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