Preparing Barramundi

I love the rain, but it also limits ones access to good seafood in Bombay. You have to be really patient, going one market to the other in search for ...

Pumpkin Soup

When you marry a roasted pumpkin with rasam, you are really not trying to please an Italian palette, but just telling him/her that south Indian coastal flavors are much more ...

Tuna Mousse with Beetroot Puree

Does this look exotic? Well, then read on and see how simple is to get this plated. Wow your friends and families with this easy to make Tuna Mousse. This ...

Whats cooking....

Fragrant seafood broth with clams, red snapper and rice vermicelli

Clams impart a clean ocean, earthy and a subtle nori flavor to anything you make with that. Last 2 weeks in Kerala, taught me much more about clams than I ever did, starting from buying the right ones to storing, to how to use it right with many different recipes. I am usually a bit […]

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Stingray with Sandy’s Sambal

Some of the finest catches from this coast are often not valued and stingray is one of them. Where I hail from, Stingray is considered a protein for the poor who cannot afford other catches and in fact it is served as the main curry among the fishermen-women community weddings. They make this in a […]

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Grilled baby Octopus, Longan, Pickled Radish, Parsley Oil

Sometimes you get stark comments when you post a photo. This could be one of them ☺. If you look at it carefully, you have many reasons to drool. I am not looking for a majority, but a majority of those who can understand that such great catch can be a treat. If you are used […]

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Grilled Scampi, Corriander-Chilli-Garlic Butter, White Wine

Scampi is not easily found in Bombay, and even if you find they are usually not very fresh or in short supply. My recent travel to Bangladesh and Bangkok, I gorged on one of the best catches and always wondered, if I could lay my hands on in India. The other day I went to […]

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Jar of pickled Amla, Raw Mango and green chillies

Anything you can do to bring back good memories, you must do smile emoticon . I still remember those days when I was in the 6th grade, studying in my native place, Mahe, I used to wait for the summers to come by (unlike now wink emoticon ). You will find all the roadside carts with a big jar […]

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Mustard sauce And Pea puree

You can really get a high by putting together many elements on a plate. Then you also wonder how to make this work together. Where should the crunch come from, what do you want the palette to experience, and increase the complexity of flavors without being overpowered by any single element. Well, the hero still […]

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Goat cheese mousse

‪#‎Goatcheese‬ and beet is a classic combination, and a marriage made in heaven. Keeping those base flavors intact is the key while adding another dimension to something very classic. I just tried to add more depth to the textures and slight hit of sweetness and capsaicin as it rolls across the palette and crunch and sweetness […]

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An inspiration called “Sharada”

An inspiration called “Sharada”, we fondly call her “Sharada Adathy”, with respect and dignity. Whenever we get together at my parental home; Mahe, we have to ask her to come and cook us an elaborate meal. This time around when I visit in March, my Mom just told me that she wont be able to […]

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Prawn and Avacodo in chilli oil

A ‘party starter’, as I call it OR call it an Amuse Bouche, is quite an important part of a menu design. It sets the mood and expectation for the rest of the courses. Burst of flavors and textures, light and a clean palette post the bite is all what you need to focus. This […]

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It has been quite a while since I last posted!! Many recipes I experimented with, a few were nice, but none fit the profile for my first post for 2015. I wanted something to epitomize a new beginning, an inspiration to do something different and most importantly, it should have the roots of the cuisine […]

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